Tips to deal with anti-social behaviour.

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Before you read further understand that you will not win or stop the anti-social behaviour that plagues your life. The police will fob you off with talk of handing out ASBOís and ABCís but its all rubbish, and forget about people being sent to prison - especially as Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke is planning to close six jails at a cost of 5,000 cells as his ministry seeks to cut its budget.

What you can do however is cause your neighbours just as much trouble as they give you, but in a different way. The thing to remember is, the individual men and women who work as Police Officers want to help, but the Police Force has no real power to deal with anti-social behaviour, partly because there is no real deterrent for causing it, just various forms of slap on the wrist punishment Ė if your search for help has lead you here, you probable already know this.

Because of the mother and daughter that committed suicide in Barwell, near Hinckley in Leicestershire, due to 33 reported incidents of anti-social. A record is now kept of anti-social behaviour incidents reported against an address/family, so Police canít hide/ignore the incidents anymore.

What you can do:

Phone the Police none emergency number and give them the name and address of the people that are causing the problem, and ask them to come around and stop the trouble. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR NAME OR ADDRESS WHEN YOU DO THIS. Now the important part of this is, collecting the unique case reference number that the Police will offer you.

The more serious the problem the more trouble the scum will have - and you report everything! Drug taking, drug dealing, loud aggressive behaviour in the street, drunk teenagers in the street, football in the street, Mini Motos, children that are bunking off school Ė you report everything anonymously, and you get a unique reference number each time.

Get your neighbours to also report everything. This means more visits from the Police to the family, and more reported documented incidents, which in turn increases the percentage of anti-social behaviour that the Police arenít addressing in your area.

Get your neighbours onside so when one of you has a problem, you all have the same problem, but you all complain to the Police individually, and you all collect a unique reference number.

This causes three things to happen a) The Police figures for anti-social behaviour increase to a level where they canít be ignored B) The Police will start knocking on the door of the scummy families on a regular basis. C) You clock-up complaints against the address/family on the new system that the Police now have (see above).

Remember if the parents arenít dealing with their problem children - that means they are part of the problem.

The unique reference number allows you to produce evidence of problems you have had in the past when discussing problems with the Police.

Have you neighbours around for BBQís, drinks etc and plot against the scum. Arrange a meeting with the local Police at the station and go on mass and complain about the situation.

Make life as difficult for the scum as you can, and remember you will not win the battle. Either you move or they move, but give as good as you get!
Police none emergency number - 0845 850 5505